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Josef Fritzl and Dutroux

Like Marc Dutroux, Josef Fritzl kept children imprisoned in a dungeon.

In the Dutroux case there was evidence of (A) a vast pedophile network involving top people (B) a police cover-up.

1. Fritzl built his underground dungeon with the aid of a government grant. (Sex slave dungeon father used a government grant to build his ...)

2. Fritzl went on lengthy holidays to places such as Pattaya.

Who guarded the children while Fritzl was away?

The police have said: “His holidays are none of our concern.”

The police have said that they think Fritzl acted alone and had no accomplices. (Austria: police convinced Josef Fritzl acted alone - Times Online)

3. Fritzl had previous convictions for sex offences and arson in the 1970s and the 1980s.

The authorities say that it will probably be impossible to find the original criminal records.

Austrian detectives are investigating if Fritzl is connected to the unsolved murder of Martina Posch.

1976 - Josef Fritzl begins to sexually abuse his daughter Elisabeth, 11

1986 - Martina Posch is sexually abused and murdered.

Fritzl's wife had a campsite and guest house near to where the body of Posch was found.

(Austria: Police questions as Josef Fritzl)

Dutroux had a long criminal record.

4. Fritzl was allowed to adopt three children despite his alleged criminal record.

5. Was Josef Fritzl Jew? - Yahoo! Answers

6. Fritzl owns properties across Austria (Austria: Police questions as Josef Fritzl). Dutroux owned several properties.

7. “Elisabeth ran away from that house as a girl, police searched for her, brought her back and delivered her back into the violent embrace of her father.” (Police accused of bungling in house of horrors probe - Europe ...)

Reportedly, the police helped Marc Dutroux.

8. There were revelations of startling police incompetence, and a ministerial cover-up, in the case of Natascha Kampusch, the Austrian girl who was kidnapped at the age of 10 and held in a cellar for eight years.

Kampusch could have been released after a few weeks in captivity in 1998 if police had followed early leads. She did not escape until 2006.

In 2006, a police chief discovered that Kampusch’s abductor had been identified as a key suspect within weeks of her disappearance but nothing had been done.

The interior minister reportedly suppressed this news and officials misled the press. (Austria reels at cover-up of the Natascha Kampusch kidnap fiasco ...)

According to Wikipedia:

On 19 April 2008, Elisabeth's daughter Kerstin fell unconscious outside her grandparents' home, and was taken by ambulance from the Fritzl residence to the Amstetten Community Hospital (Landesklinikum Amstetten) and admitted with life-threatening kidney failure.

In Kerstin's pocket was a note written by her mother asking for help. Josef Fritzl arrived at the hospital and discussed Kerstin's condition and the mother's note with Dr. Albert Reiter.[3]

Medical staff found aspects of the story to be peculiar and alerted the Austrian Police.

Using the resources of Interpol, Austrian police started an appeal via a public media campaign to find the missing mother to gather additional information about Kerstin's medical records.[8][12]

Elisabeth pleaded with her father to be taken to the hospital.

Josef Fritzl then released Elisabeth from captivity along with her sons Stefan and Felix, claiming that Elisabeth had decided to come back after a 24-year absence.[8]

Governor Lenze told ORF that Fritzl had telephoned and thanked him and the social services for looking after his family during his granddaughter Kerstin's illness.[3]

On 26 April 2008, Elisabeth and her father went to the hospital where Kerstin was being treated. An anonymous caller informed the police of their actual whereabouts, which led the police to stop her father and mother in front of the medical building. They were taken to a police station for further interrogation.

Elisabeth did not provide police with more details until they assured her that she would not be forced to see her father again. She then revealed the details of her father's alleged crimes. Josef Fritzl was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse, incest and abduction. The following day, Elisabeth and her children were taken into care. - Elisabeth Fritzl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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