Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Indonesia, chastity belts, sexy dancing forbidden, volcano about to erupt.

Inul Daratista is the typical Indonesian singer.

"The Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) linked her dancing with their fatwa against pornography, and the East Javanese branch declared her performances haram (forbidden).

"She was even banned from performing in Jogjakarta, the 'cultural center' of Java." (dangdut)

Indonesia is becoming more like Saudi Arabia (rule by a rich pro-American elite who use Islamism to stay in power) and more like Bangladesh or Haiti (lots of increasingly poor people) and more like Burma (rule by the military).

According to Index on Censorship:

There is a “creeping application of the Islamic sharia legal code. This has seen a growing number of local governments enforce bans of various kinds, such as the one on several performers of the hugely popular dangdut music in the city of Tangerang, west of Jakarta.”

According to Freemuse, dangdut "is a very popular Indonesian music genre derived from Indian, Arab and Malay styles, but it often incorporates a variety of other world influences as well.

"It has long been associated with the lower-classes of Indonesia (musik pinggiran), and consequently became seen as 'the music of the people.'

"The lyrics often address issues of love, heartbreak, and poverty. Dangdut has long been ripe with sexual innuendos and suggestiveness..."

Chastity belts are coming back and school girls are wearing the veil.

Massage parlors in an Indonesian town are asking their female masseuses to padlock their skirts and pants to make it clear that sex is not on offer. - Masseuses Lock Their Pants

"Half an hour's drive from Indonesia's parliament, the civilian police in the district of Tangerang go on patrol every evening.

"A dozen men, crammed into the back of a pick-up truck, cruise the dimly-lit streets, looking for anywhere serving alcohol...

"Lilis lives with her husband and two children on the outskirts of Tangerang. Just over a year ago, she was arrested by the civilian police while waiting for a taxi on her way home from work.
The police could not reach her husband, so Lilis was fined and jailed as a prostitute." - BBC NEWS Asia-Pacific Islamic law by the back door

At Indonesia matters, Rogue Wan (Modern Day Witch Hunt) writes:

"The vast majority of Indonesian citizens living in abject poverty facing daily uncertainty in finding work, food, education, decent health care and a future for their children.

"There is a very palpable anger against the misery and degradation of their lives that is caused by the ineptitude and corruption of the small layer of rich.

"In turn, the elite have a real fear that they are sitting on top of a social volcano that could explode anytime.

"Hence, it is no coincidence that the government, religious organisations and individuals consciously and cynically seek to co-opt the basic religious beliefs of Indonesian citizens and the resurgence of Islam in public life for the simple reason that Islam, like all religions, is an excellent instrument to control and coerce the population..."

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