Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lap dancers and mafia

Photo of Las vegas from:

165 page report on Las Vegas and child sex trafficking

Report Labels Las Vegas a Hub of Child Sexual Trafficking

Report: Las Vegas a Hub for Child Sex Trafficking

Las Vegas means lap dancers and Mafia. Las Vegas means the Dunes Hotel, blown up using controlled implosion.

Van Romero, Vice President for Research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, says the collapse of the TWIN TOWERS on 11/9/01 resembled those of controlled implosions used in planned demolitions. He says the detonations could have been caused by a small amount of explosive put in more than two points in each of the towers (

Who blew up the DUNES Hotel in Las Vegas? It was a Maryland firm called Controlled Demolition Group.Who has the contract to clear up the mess after the attack on the World Trade Centre? It's Controlled Demolition Group.

Atta and Ziad, and other 'hijackers', visited Las Vegas at least six times. There they enjoyed the charms of lap dancer Samantha ( and The Chronicle). There was also drink and gambling. - Cached

The Strip starts a rust belt - Las Vegas dreams foreclosed

Ron Paul - Washington's good doctor

Bushes and Pitts in Obama's family tree

US moves towards engaging Iran

Pakistan leaders give US warning

Cool Reception for Envoys in Pakistan

India all at sea over US defense ties

Russia and Egypt sign nuclear energy pact

The CIA pretends that "Curveball" fooled German Intelligence, and the CIA, about Iraqi WMDs; the BBC's Newsnight supports this CIA lie? - Newsnight Documentaries now produced by Walter Mitty section of the CIA - "Curveball"

'Shrillary Rodham , her lesbian palalong Huma Abedin and the Tata connection ..Ford giveaway Jaguar and Range Rover'

Hillary's Other Fabrication

VOTE FRAUD? - In the UK, South Tyneside's most senior election official, Brian T Scott has publicly apologised for the loss of 18 ballot boxes in an election last year. - Election officer slams missing ballot boxes claims / Missing ballot boxes row - claims and denials

Four members of 'lost' Peruvian tribe die after 'being infected with common cold by British TV crew'

Commonwealth soldier who fought with British Army in Iraq is denied UK passport - because he was serving abroad

Spanish paedophile arrested for murder of girl 'to be quizzed' over Madeleine McCann's disappearance / Madeleine McCann's want police to investigate Spanish paedophile

How English as we know it is disappearing ... to be replaced by 'Panglish'

No crunch for banker paid £36m


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