Sunday, February 24, 2008


Success of CIA plan to remove Musharraf? - Pervez Musharraf 'will exit in days, not months'

"A Gulfstream IV private jet, which has been identified by Amnesty International as a CIA-linked plane implicated in so-called 'rendition,' arrived at RAF Northolt in West London just hours before the Government was forced into a humiliating U-turn on the practice." CIA 'torture flights plane landed in Britain last week'

"UK MINISTERS and business chiefs are calling for Alex Salmond to be stripped of his ability to block nuclear power stations and Trident warheads in Scotland, as part of a major review of Holyrood's powers." Brown urged to claw back devolved powers from Holyrood

"A SENIOR Labour MSP helped her crooked son cash in on a lucrative Holyrood flat he bought months after defrauding his employers of £3.7million. Deputy presiding officer Trish Godman purchased her son Gary Mulgrew's Edinburgh apartment for £250,000 in late 2006, after he had been extradited to Texas." - The £3.5m fraud, the £250,000 flat... and the deputy presiding officer

Sheridan accuses police of vendetta


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