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India falls in love with Israel and deserts Iran

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India has traditionally been friendly with Iran.

However, things are changing, as India gets increasingly into bed with Israel and Mossad.

According to an article at Asia Times, 7 February 2008, (India shoots out of Iran's orbit):

1. Israel now sells more weapons to India than to any other nation.

2. Mossad has been training parts of India's security servicers.

3. In January 2008, an Indian rocket launched an Israeli satellite from a pad in southern Andhra Pradesh.

This satellite can be used to spy on Iran.

4. At the same time, India is refusing to attend talks to complete a deal on a proposed Iran-India-Pakistan gas pipeline.

The US strongly opposes the Iran-India-Pakistan gas pipeline deal.

India could lose the pipeline and natural gas, probably to China, says Qamar Agha, an expert at the Centre for West Asian Studies at Iran's Jamia Millia Islamia University. (India shoots out of Iran's orbit)

"India has recently allowed its new strategic relationship with the US and Israel to prevail over its traditional friendship with Iran," says Achin Vanaik, professor of international relations and global politics at Delhi University.

"Shamefully," says Vanaik, "India has not uttered a word against Israel's recent blockade and collective punishment of the people of Gaza." (India shoots out of Iran's orbit)

PIB Photo of Israel's Barak meeting Singh in 2007 from Siliconeer: August 2006

Gordon Brown has been in Mumbai talking about the need for a New World Order and praising the Neo Cons. (BBC NEWS Politics Brown wants a 'new world order')

And, these days there are lots of young Israeli tourists in India.

According to an article once at (Stranger Than Fiction: An Independent Investigation of the True ... - Google Books Result)

In February of 2000, Indian intelligence officials detained 11 members of what they thought was an Al Qaeda hijacking conspiracy. It was then discovered that these 11 'Muslim preachers' were all Israeli nationals!

... India's leading weekly magazine, The Week, reported ( Aborted Mission Investigation: Did Mossad attempt to infiltrate ... ):

"On January 12 Indian intelligence officials in Calcutta detained 11 foreign nationals for interrogation before they were to board a Dhaka-bound Bangladesh Biman flight...

The eleven had Israeli passports... 'They are Israeli nationals,' said a Central Intelligence official. He claimed that Tel Aviv 'exerted considerable pressure' on Delhi to secure their release...

It was Indian Intelligence that helped the U.S. to so quickly identify the '19 hijackers'! On April 3, 2002, Express India, quoting the Press Trust of India, revealed:

"Washington, April 3: Indian intelligence agencies helped the U.S. to identify the hijackers who carried out the deadly September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, a media report said here on Wednesday."

... Indian intelligence has an extremely close working relationship with Israel's Mossad because both governments hate the Muslim nation of Pakistan. (RAW & Mossad: The Secret Link)

How might Mossad have managed to increase racial tensions in India?

Narendra Modi is the chief minister of Gujarat (Bombay area). Reportedly he has used acts of terror against Moslems in order to increase his power.

Modi hopes his Bharatiya Janata Party will increase its power throughout India. (‘Gujarat showed India the way’)

Modi is a fan of Israel.

According to Zee News, 7 June 2006, "Gujarat and Israel can cooperate with each other in solving their water scarcity... says Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Both Gujarat and Israel are 'divided by land but united by water', says Modi who was recently in the Jewish nation as part of the Indian delegation attending Agritech-2006." (Sunday, January 6 2008

Photo from

The methods of Narendra Modi might appear to be similar to the methods of Israel's Mossad.

Modi appears to have been involved in acts of terror.

In October 2007, the investigative newsmagazine Tehelka reported on the Tehelka Gujarat riots sting :

1. Several Hindu nationalist (Sangh) leaders explain on camera how they planned a massive massacre of Moslems. (

2. The involvement of the Chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, is revealed.

3. The complicity of the police is revealed.

4. The connivance of the judiciary is revealed.

Frontline India ( Action replay) commented:

"Yet, no action has followed one of the most explosive news investigations in India.

"None of those caught on tape boasting about raping, burning and hacking Muslims have been arrested or even interrogated.

"Modi’s authority has not been questioned.

"Instead, there is an eerie silence. Far more eerie than the cold-blooded murders of more than 1,000 innocent people during the communal massacres of March 2002.

"The role of the Modi government in the State-sponsored terrorism of 2002 is well documented. Even the Supreme Court had censured Modi for being 'a modern day Nero who watched while Gujarat burned'.

"Now, the Tehelka tapes offer irrefutable proof of how the Sangh (Hindu nationalists) organised a 'Hindu jihad' across Gujarat and protected the murderers."

(Tehelka comment -Does Anything)


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