Wednesday, February 06, 2008


CNN estimates that, across the Democratic primaries, Barack Obama got 48% of the popular vote and Hillary Clinton 49%. Latest: At-a-glance

A poll for CNN yesterday put Obama on 49%, to Clinton's 46%. - Clinton and Obama neck and neck

At the last Lockerbie case hearing in Edinburgh High Court the prosecution were not prepared to reveal the contents of a document (from abroad) to the defence. This failure could mean that the court would have to declare a fair appeal for al Megrahi impossible. If the Crown abandons the case, or if the court cannot proceed without the document, the UK government and BP would be happy. - Losers in Lockerbie and Libyan oil deal

US economy fears knock shares

Nicolas Sarkozy could send troops to Chad

Joining the dots-one of an endless series

Peanut Butter - The Atheist's Nightmare!!


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