Sunday, December 02, 2007

The USA's War in Darfur

Keith Harmon Snow, 0n 23 November 2007, wrote, in Dissident Voice, about Darfur and Sudan - The US’s War In Darfur

The Darfur region of Sudan has oil, copper and uranium.

In the Darfur region of Sudan there are rebels who oppose the government of Sudan.

Snow writes:

1. Israel reportedly provides military training to Darfur rebels from bases in Eritrea..

2. The refugee camps have become increasingly militarized. There are reports that Israeli military intelligence operates from within the camps, as does U.S intelligence...

3. African Union (AU) forces in Darfur include Nigerian and Rwandan troops responsible for atrocities in their own countries. While committing 5000 troops for a UN force in Darfur, Ethiopia is perpetrating genocidal atrocities in Somalia...

4. There is near unanimous agreement, internationally, that rebels are 'out of control,' committing widespread rape and plundering with impunity

5. Debunking the claims of a 'genocide against blacks' or an 'Islamic holy-war' against Christians, Darfur’s Arab and black African ethnic groups have intermarried for centuries, and nearly everyone is Muslim.

6. There is a growing demand to probe the accounts of 'Save Darfur' to find out how the tens of millions collected are being spent due to allegations of arms-deals and bribery—rebel leaders provided with five-star hotel accommodations, prostitutes and sex parties.

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