Saturday, December 01, 2007


"A number of the gun and bomb attacks... were directed by agents working for Special Branch and Army Intelligence.... At least 120 people died as result of the activities of this wider group." - The European Court of Human Rights says UK breached HUman Rights of victims of terrorist attacks by RUC officers.

"Sometimes bodies of minors are found from which internal organs have previously been removed." - Guatemalan children becoming commodity in brutal trafficking - Feature

"What hasn't been widely noticed is that the most recent polls from Populus, YouGov and ComRes have all put the SNP ahead of Labour on Westminster voting intentions. These are all from very small subsets of the UK sample, but when three - and now it looks like four - show the SNP ahead, you begin to wonder whether Labour - whisper it - might even lose the next Westminster election in Scotland." - The sound isn't Wendy's voice, it's tectonic plates grinding as ...

"Scotland will only have reached any kind of national maturity when its drama... moves beyond... a disproportionate fixation with Glasgow... Inverness is our fastest-growing city. I cannot think of a single drama that's ever been set in Inverness in my life, ever. Our most educated city is St Andrews. I cannot think of a drama that's ever been set in St Andrews." - Scotland awakes

Darling has a track record on Computer hacking


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