Sunday, December 23, 2007

It is possible

Ron Paul and Denis Kucinich should note that it is possible to win an election even if opposed by the media and the establishment. - A Scottish Lesson For US Progressives

Alleged US plot to kill the prime minister of Malta: "Mr Madsen wrote, there was a plot to overthrow and possibly kill Mintoff, Allende-style, but it was being crafted by US Navy intelligence in conjunction with the neo-fascist and renegade Italian intelligence elements in Rome. The US Navy wanted to overthrow Mintoff to gain access to its former NATO base on the island nation off the Libyan coast." - threatened

Maltese shopkeeper said to have received $2 million to point Lockerbie case at Libyan - this.

'Israel will attack Iran on its own'

Wise men make Christmas decisions
Maulanas are Moslems from Madrassas. There is a suggestion that some maulanas are being controlled by Mossad and MI6. - MOSSAD infiltrating Muslim ranks in IRAQ PAKISTAN

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