Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Henri Paul and the French secret service.

The Diana inquest has heard that Henri Paul, deputy head of security at the Ritz hotel in Paris, liaised with police and the French secret service about important guests. Diana driver 'had links with French secret services'

Claude Roulet, assistant to the president of the Ritz, said Paul put him in contact with the secret service DST (Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire) when an important Russian diplomat was coming to stay.

Mohamed Al Fayed believes Paul was employed by the security services of one country or another.

Roulet told the inquest: "The French police knew about the arrival of some guests. When they needed to have a look at what they did they asked the security services at the Ritz to have some tips about what they did, and when they came in and went out and who they met and so on."

The inquest was told that Paul was first recommended for his job at the Ritz by a police officer who was one of his best friends.

Asked if it was Paul's job to help police with inquiries about special guests, Roulet explained:

"Henri Paul had very good contacts with the French police so maybe those contacts meant that he was contacted more than his chief."

The jury has been told that Paul had bank accounts with assets of around £170,000 in cash and shares.


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