Sunday, October 14, 2007


"She was witness to the McCanns' movements during the week they were on holiday in Portugal and fed Madeleine less than three hours before she disappeared... Ms Baker revealed to one friend - spoken to by this newspaper - that she told Portuguese police of a man she saw acting strangely near the apartments in the days leading up to Madeleine's disappearance on May 3... The Mail on Sunday has also learned that within 24 hours... Ms Baker was dispatched by Mark Warner to take up a new position in the Greek resort of San Agostino" - Revealed: The nanny who could help clear the McCanns' name

"Now, a source close to the SCCRC has provided the first confirmation that Gauci received a substantial reward... $4m... The source close to the SCCRC told Scotland on Sunday: 'It is not acceptable to pay a witness...' Gauci is understood to be planning to use his newfound wealth to fund a move to Australia..." - News - Lockerbie witness 'given £2m reward'

PanAm 103 and Lockerbie: "I'm not at all certain that the CIA did not have a scam drugs heist on board." - Robert Fisk

"This week sees the release of Rendition, about an Egyptian-American mistaken for a terrorist and shipped off to north Africa to be tortured under US supervision. Later in the autumn comes Redacted, a shocking, cinéma-vérité style look at the true nature of combat in Iraq from Brian De Palma. Already out in the United States are In the Valley of Elah, the story of a soldier killed by his unit so he wouldn't spill the beans on atrocities they committed in Iraq..." - Hollywood in all-out assault on America's 'war on terror'

'People believe that the UDC can re-establish Switzerland as it once was before. It is nostalgia. They say in the 1950s people were kinder, more respectful of authority, there was not so much criminality. Not so many foreigners.' - Hard right's hero shakes up cosy world of Swiss politics


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