Friday, January 26, 2007


"The billionaire Jewish owners of the major media simply order that the truth not be published, and smaller media is dealt with by the threat of advertising boycotts by Jewish-owned businesses (the threat of these boycotts is one of the biggest dirty secrets in the North American media)." xymphora: Zionists lose the knack of spin

"Say a cat food manufacturer wants its ad placed next to the search term "cat." Well, what if the most popular kitty video contains footage of Snookums in a microwave? "It is not obvious that in the long run YouTube is going to win in this space," Anthony says." The Disrupters Of 2006

Google, owner of YouTube and Blogger, has a problem.

Google makes its money from adverts.

Many big advertisers do not like their adverts to appear on sites containing content which is critical of the elite, big business, Israel, the Pentagon, the nuclear industry and so on.

Google has a choice.

Either (1) it reduces support for free speech by making life difficult for the YouTubers and Bloggers who produce 'political' content

Or (2) it loses some advertising.

If Google reduces support for free speech, it is likely to become less popular with at least a section of the public. Some of the public may eventually switch to rival sites.

If rival sites get their act together, Google could eventually become less profitable.

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