Monday, September 18, 2006

Scotland to become independent?

Italian prince in jail after corruption investigation

Albert engages Monaco’s attention

Botched reshuffle by Blair kept Reid from foreign secretary role

Airport gun scandal hits Kenyan President

Belgians search for missing girls

BELGIUM - DUTROUX - Was Dutroux working for the security services?

The Guardian reveals the evidence concerning the bombardment of a Gaza holiday beach.

Time running out to curb effects of deep sea pollution, warns UN

aangirfan: Christian evangelicals and the CIA

aangirfan: Spies and charities and NGOs

Charles Taylor; the CIA; al Qaeda; the UK
Charles Taylor, the CIA and bin Laden

Having escaped from jail in the US, Taylor also succeeded in leaving the country undetected. It was these feats in the US that convinced many of the Liberians then ranged against Doe that Taylor had the backing of the CIA.
An embarrassing guest

"Al Qaeda allegedly paid Taylor for protection and then joined him in the African diamond trade, raising millions of dollars for terrorist activities, according to UN war crimes documents," West Africa: Debate Over al Qaeda's Connection to ...

Televantelist's pal Charles Taylor again linked to al Qaeda money ...

CBE for Met police chief attacked

We bribed Saudis, says ex-minister

Nepal - the challenges ahead

Lebanese man confesses to killings on behalf of Israel

Each American citizen owes the world one million dollars

Playboy and terrorists with military links

Gates swaps Microsoft spotlight for charity work

Indonesia's Bashir says extremists misguided fighters

Sri Lankan terror and Mossad

Muslims taken in London raid may sue

Human Rights Watch agency said on Tuesday that Gaza's appalling beach incident was not caused by a landmine planted by Palestinian activists.
Confronting Zionist propaganda: Human Rights Watch expert rules ...

Book links Begin to 1952 plot to kill then-German Chancellor Adenauer

Forces of the U.S. Army under the command of Major General Leonard Wood attacked a village. More than 600 Philippines villagers were killed.

The fax that reveals the US is flying terror suspects to Europe’s secret jails

Oil cash will change all our lives: Salmond
Report Shows No Need For Nuclear

The Virgin Brand

Shot by the Gestapo?


This Unguarded Man Was Iraq's Most Potent Terrorist?

Toronto - oddities

What is in the minds of the UK military?

Odd features of the London police raid at Forest Gate

Alleged suicides at Guantanamo
Three Guantanamo detainees die in suicides - US Army
Lib Dems' leader to visit Guantanamo

Brown’s reputation wilts as political heat turns up

"Op-Scan Voting Machines Miscount Ballots in Iowa Republican Primary! Hand Count Reveals Other Candidate Leads By Far!"

Enough about Ann Coulter: Answer the Jersey Girls questions about 9/11!

A New "Perle Harbor": Neocon Foreign Policy Architect Richard Perle reveals US War Plans in the Iranian Theater

Goa: sun, slime and gangsters

"As Perle is a prime shaker and mover behind the “clash of civilizations”... it makes perfect sense for him to be on the Bilderberger roster, especially now that Iran is next up on the target list... The London police raid ... coincided with Perle’s visit to Britain... The neocons believe the American people are soft, decadent, squeamish, don’t have the 'stomach' for global conquest, and must be forced, through increasingly brutal and gruesome acts of false flag terrorism, to do their murderous bidding."
Neocon Prince of Darkness Sighted at Bilderberg Meeting

"The al-Zarqawi sporting tattoos probably was not and never was a Wahhabi Muslim. More likely, the al-Zarqawi we recognize (with a barrage of recent images in preparation for his theatrical exit from the corporate media stage), was a Jordanian patsy, probably a garden variety criminal who served prison time and was groomed by Jordan’s Dairat al-Mukhabarat intelligence service."
Killing al-Zarqawi: End of a Pentagon-Dairat al-Mukhabarat Collaboration?

BBC - controlled by the military?

BBC - decline continues.
Jonathan Ross nets £18m in three-year BBC deal

Another Israeli war crime
Nine die as Israeli shells hit family picnic on Gaza beach

Minister's wife named as new Ofsted chief

Scotland will be the winner when oil and gas come home

Brothers arrested in 'terror raid' are freed without charge

Some blogs:
Jakarta Kid
Tiara Lestari

Pentagon Jettisons US Agent Provocateur Al-Zarqawi

US Primaries
Reading the tea-leaves

India child marriages flout law

Bush will retire with his millions to putter about on his fake ranch, while Blair, robed in ermine, will ascend to the House of Lords - and no doubt to a plum post with the Carlyle Group or some other fine purveyor of backroom grease. So it will be with the other perpetrators, like Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz: nothing but riches, honors, security and respect, until death drags them howling to the pit where they've sent so many countless thousands. Global Eye

Here's why Maggie didn’t drop this 'subsidy junkie'

Jowell husband faces indictment hearing

More Artists A - Z (2)

Suspect in bomb plot was Canadian soldier
The Toronto "Terrorist" Arrests
Canada Terror Plot Grows More Absurd
RCMP Change Fertilizer Story
Framing Patsies in Toronto and London

The new face of the UK Conservative Party - Gerald Howarth

Sack Ken Kivingstone!
Blair Snub to Scotland Over Livingstone's Anti-Scottish Outburst

Salmond Oil Bill Passes First Commons Hurdle

Lib Dems will cut tax - Campbell

Secret CIA flights aided by Britain, report says

Toronto terror plot

Government plot to blow up the Queen

The Government Gunpowder Plot

Gulf widens between US and sheikhdoms

Eton schoolboys


Iraq's tougher stance toward US

Braveheart has his say
Scotland's oil :

Norway's $200 billion oil pension fund bans investments in US ...

European Central Bank sees Hedge Funds as Risky

THE 7/7 BOMBINGS INQUIRY Hidden anguish as 7/7probe damns ...

Drugs, prostitution and a political party

German troops cleared of killing boy.

Timor Oil
Australia, Timor and oil: the record
The looting of East Timor's Serious Crimes Unit
Australia continues its unrelenting campaign for "regime change" in East Timor


Spanish 9 11 conviction quashed (Yarkas)
aangirfan: YARKAS
aangirfan: Yarkas 9 11 trial in Spain was a sham, according to the ...

Diego Garcia, Israel, South Africa

SNP Ridicule Tory-Labour Embrace
Commons to debate SNP Bill to Bring Home Scotland's Oil and Gas

Britten's Children

London and the South-East has an export deficit; Scotland has a large export surplus.

Brother-in-law of First Minister buys five houses for £1

Meet Monaco's new princess of the desert

Experts hail heroin clinic trial

Tories plan pact with Labour to beat SNP

Lawyer condemns 'wild west' police raid

The Toronto 17

Mail on Sunday Editorial about the East London raid.

British Brigade: More False Flag Terrorism

Our Internet Service Provider has had technical problems in relation to phone lines. We have temporary use of a computer.


9 11

I have a second love child, admits Monaco prince

Attenborough issues climate warning

Philippines: US ‘concerned’ about murders
Killing season in the Philippines

One-tenth of the Filipino population was wiped out in the first US exercise in counter-insurgency in Asia.
The Philippines - a US colony - CIA links

US probes new Iraq massacre claim

Scotland: Probe into murder suspect holiday

Lawyer warns of red card for Berlusconi in football scandal

Full Newsnight Arsenal investigation

Consider that Timor Leste has oil. The rights to exploit the oil were initially carved up by Suharto and Australia. Now there are ongoing efforts to provide Timor Leste with a more equitable share of its wealth. Consider too that the looters have stolen between 12% and 15% of the criminal archive including (or especially?) files related to Indonesia's bloody withdrawal from East Timor, after (the) 1999 referendum and, in particular, to Gen. Wiranto, Suharto's last army chief.

The billionaire Jewish owners of the major media simply order that the truth not be published, and smaller media is dealt with by the threat of advertising boycotts by Jewish-owned businesses (the threat of these boycotts is one of the biggest dirty secrets in the North American media). The vast majority of Americans are thus completely unaware of what is actually going on in the Occupied Territories.
The Zionists were completely taken aback by the Emperor's-new-clothes revelation of the power of the Israel Lobby, as if they never thought it possible that anyone would dare mention the most obvious fact in the world.

We know some British teenagers who do not know the name of the capital city of their own country. They can barely read and write.


Prince Albert and a 14-year-old from California

In bed with young boys

The balmy North Pole of 50 million years ago

Amnesty nominations for Herald writers



Mervyn Jenkins

Niall Ferguson, professor of history at Harvard, supports independence for Scotland

Is there a US plot to control East Timor?

US moves diplomat critical of Somali warlord aid

If the Tories really were Tory, they'd lead by 16 points, not six

Noam Chomsky: Why it's over for America

The Ankara Pact is an alliance between the US, Turkey, and Israel.Turkey is a major refining and transit point for the flow of heroin from Southwest Asia to Western Europe.

America's friend: Romeo
200,00 Guatemalans were killed or disappeared when death squads, linked to the U.S.-backed military, targeted analysts, activists, and journalists who spoke out against state repression.
Ex-Guatemala President Lucas Garcia Dies
Guatemala's Romeo Lucas Garcia

Amnesty: Microsoft helped Israeli Police in Vanunu probe
We urge the internet giants to defend free speech
Amnesty: we must free the internet
Today, our chance to fight a new hi-tech tyranny

“It’s worth remembering that in 1920, Australian strategic planners were worried about Japan trying to get its hands on the rumoured oil resources of Portuguese Timor, but in 1975 there were fears that China would manipulate a leftish independent Timor for territorial advantage.”
Why Australia wants "regime change" in East Timor

Who is stirring things up in oil-rich East Timor? (UPDATED)

Symantec confirms high-risk flaw


BlogShares - aangirfan

Thousands injured by Java quake lie waiting for medical aid to arrive

Jogjakarta earthquake, 'Indonesia's Gestapo', and the allegedly corrupt Red Cross.

Loach triumphs at Cannes with Irish movie echoing Iraq occupation

European police foil traffickers


Israeli Involvement United Airlines Put-options War Games Atta and the $100,000 9/11 Terrorists Still Alive

Martin McGuinness of MI6

Pele, the greatest footballer of all time, has revealed that his first sexual experience was with...

Goldsmith, Straw and Greenstock

A German view of the UK

Sixty attacks a month on British forces as 1,000 soldiers go Awol

Alonso survives Monaco thriller

Jogjakarta earthquake, 'Indonesia's Gestapo', and the allegedly corrupt Red Cross.

Who is stirring things up in oil-rich East Timor? (UPDATED)

This morning I was awoken by mother nature, a big earthquake shakes Jogjakarta at 05.55 in the morning.

The US struck a deal with the Bosnian authorities to open up its stockpiles of weapons left over from the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. It aimed to send these weapons to help Iraq's new army... The prosecutors' office in Brescia, the hometown of Beretta where a criminal investigation is taking place into aspects of this deal, confirmed that serial numbers on pistols found in possession of what are described as "hostile forces" relate to the consignment sent from Beretta to the UK and then onwards to Iraq.
BBC NEWS Programmes File on 4 Iraq arms 'leaking to insurgents'

Hawkins Renews Call for Independent Investigation of 9/11 Following New Zogby Poll

The 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time

Are CIA death squads on the rampage in the Philippines?

Blair and Natalia

Police to quiz ex-Labour chairman over honours

Memo hints Jowell knew about 'bribe'

Child abuse
Tehelka - The People's Paper

An investigation shows that conviction rates for many of the most violent crimes have been in freefall since Labour came to power in 1997 and are now well below 10 per cent.
UK - Violent crime rate soars

By far the largest number of hidden unemployed in Scotland were found in Glasgow. Fothergill estimates that some 39,100 incapacity benefit claimants could work, and should therefore be on the official unemployment register. Revealed: grim truth of Scots unemployment

Who is stirring things up in oil-rich East Timor?

Diana, the arms trade, Israel, NSA tapes

Israeli phones used in Dahab bombing in Egypt

Who really control the USA? Is it the civilians or the military?

Naples Earthquake

One girl's story

Artists A - Z
More Artists A - Z

American Holocaust - the USA is probably responsible for the biggest holocaust of all time.

Two films based on hoaxes.

At just 12 years old, Joe's lost everything - his home, his family and his mum. His mother did everything to raise him but found it impossible to make ends meet and fell ill. Social services didn't have the resources to provide support...



Wes said...

Ann Coulter is a nut bag who probably should be shunned by the republican base just like Hannity, Rush, etc. To say these wives are happy that thier husbands have died only to make a profit and recieve fame is crazy and she is either desperate to sell books or truly crazy. How people vote republican is beyond me and I hope her actions continue to motivate voters to help the democrats take back congress in '06 and the white house in '08.

Timalantoo said...

How and Why Did Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Help and Liberian Dictator, Charles Taylor Brutally Kill over 300,000 Individuals in Africa during the 1990's? Did the fees they paid also allow Taylor to assist terrorist groups like al Qaeda? 1.5 million individuals were made homeless or became refugees.
Charles Taylor has been described, as the third most wanted war crimes suspect in the world -- after Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic
In recent years the region, particularly Liberia, has harbored al Qaeda operatives, senior Hezbollah financiers and a plethora of transnational criminal organizations. Hezbollah might not be as strong as it is today if not for Charles Taylor and fees paid by Cruise Lines.
Would you do business with or be a customer of a corporation who provided money for a regime who supported terrorist groups like al Qaeda and Hezbollah whose history of horror may be second only to Hitler's. And
Why it is important to pressure Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL) to allow "Sea Marshals." independent law enforcement officers, on each of their cruise ships:
61 people have now gone overboard and died on cruise ship vacations since the year 2000. This does not even include the number that have died from accidents, disease, fires, assaults, and other crimes on board or during shore excursions. America's worst serial killer, the Green River Killer Gary Ridgeway, had 48 victims. This last week, Robert Charles Browne's claimed 49 killings. July 28, 2006See a list of some of the deaths and for list of person's overboard, outbreaks of disease, and other events. I would encourage all victims and their families contact for guidance, support, and to prevent future tragedies. And refer to for a possible solution that could be implemented quickly.The American Public should demand that Cruise ship deaths be given as much attention as a serial killer case. There are about 200,000 beds on the cruise ships. If there were 6 disappearances in six years, or about 9 per year in the same neighborhood and no changes were made in security, we would quickly fire the police chief and people would no longer go to that neighborhood. In fact, there is a serial killer on cruise ships; it is the total lack of independent law enforcement and regulation. Currently, cruise lines rely on private security guards whose first loyalty is to the cruise company. Law enforcement should treat 60 disappearances like they would a serial killer case. They should cross-check all available data to see if there are any common elements such methods, circumstances, or the same passengers or crew members being present. Any thread of commonality could help solve some of the disappearances and prevent others.Cruise lines have little or no legal obligation to settle because they are not regulated. RCCL is incorporated in Liberia and for many years they flagged their ships in Liberia. A country with a dysfunctional legal court system and no regulations or laws to protect cruise line employees, customers, or stockholders. The Cruise lines have poured millions of dollars into lobbying efforts, at times using lobbyist closely connected to Jack Abramoff and we know what kind of tactics he used. That along with many thousands of dollars of campaign contributions has kept congress from passing any meaningful regulations. Cruise ships are giant gambling operations. Kind of like a floating crap game. And I have never known anyone who ran a crap game to be concerned with those gambling. Its used to be the only thing you could lose is your money, but with over 60 individuals missing or gone overboard, fires, and viruses since the year 2000, you could lose your life or your health. Imagine if Disney World had 61 disappearances and/or deaths in the last 6 years. Would anyone want to go there? The only significant actions taken by the cruise lines in the last year was to spend more money on public relations efforts and issue new sets of talking points to their employees answering the phone when the subject of safety and security come up. They do like to suck as much money from their customers as they can. They also suck as much blood, sweat, and tears from their employees as possible by offering low wages and few benefits.
War, corruption, murder in Liberia fueled by revenues from companies wishing to register their vessels in Liberia & save $ & avoid regulations -

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